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Here you finally get what dubious providers only promise but will never deliver:
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Known from:

The interaction

of Recruiting and Sales!

As Zebradoo Business Partners, we recognize that companies and law firms can often face an imbalance, a sort of business seesaw, between employee recruitment and employee utilization caused by a variety of internal and external factors.

In order to specifically counteract this problem, we have combined the strong sibling pair of Recruiting and Sales. We use the methods and tools from online marketing and sales to restore balance and support the healthy growth of companies and law firms. As absolute LinkedIn experts, we do not limit ourselves to this business platform, but also know our way around the entire jungle of online marketing!

If you too are struggling to balance your entrepreneurial seesaw, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a free initial consultation to work with you to find the best solutions.

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How can we support you?
Our consulting and agency services:

Recruiting solutions

Recruiting Strategy & Implementation

Employer Branding & Recruiting Website

Paid Advertising & Campaigns

Marketing solutions

Develop personal brand

Brand Ambassador Program

Holistic marketing support

Consulting &

Optimization of your personal profile

Design company profile

Education & Training

Go2Market & Sales

Digital Sales & Social Selling

Go-to-Market Strategies

Development & expansion of new business areas

Recruiting solutions

Recruiting Strategy & Implementation

Employer Branding & Recruiting Website

Paid Advertising & Campaigns

Marketing accompaniment

Develop personal brand

Brand Ambassador Program

Holistic marketing support

Competent digital presence

Optimization of your personal profile

Design company profile

Trainings & Education

Distribution & Sales

Digital Sales & Social Selling

Go-to-Market Strategies

Development & expansion of new business areas

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Do you have questions about our services? Feel free to contact us!

What our customers say about us

"Zebradoo convinces with clear methodology and fast results".

Dr. Frederik Kolster

Managing Director Avasa Excellence

… become aware of us. However, we want to position ourselves more broadly and received a competent solution through Zebradoo in order to gain further clients with strategic online marketing.

At the beginning of the first implementation meeting, I was a bit skeptical at first, because Martin and Bernd Winkel invested a lot of time in the analysis, which at first glance I did not directly associate with the set goal.
But then came the big AHA effect after the unique approach: The analysis provided good and precise insights and Zebradoo’s clear methodical approach became visible. This was followed by clever concepts, competent and speedy implementation of the measures and quick results.

It was worth it and we will continue to work together. Clear recommendation! “

"The professional brothers Bernd and Martin Winkel understand perfectly how to combine marketing and social media competencies."

Roland Beranek MBA

Management BMD Academy

… which goes beyond mere standards. You’ll catch two birds with one stone: marketing and social media professionals! Everything from a single source. Conclusion: If you want to work on, and not in, your company, then you are well advised to work with Bernd and Martin. Highly recommended!”

"A trusted partner for our law firm marketing".

Andreas Mueller

Owner and Partner at Müller Cremer & Partner mbB

… to solve our personnel issue through a recruiting and marketing concept with employer branding and a well thought-out communication strategy on LinkedIn and other channels. We also receive very good feedback from outsiders and applicants about our current digital presence. What I personally like most is the personal and direct approach, that Bernd and the team at Zebradoo invest a lot of time to understand our tasks and needs, and that we have thus found a marketing partner who can identify with our firm. That’s why we feel we are in good hands with Zebradoo and will continue our marketing and recruiting collaboration with them. “

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Our expertise: LinkedIn & social media

We are often asked which channels we rely on for customer or employee acquisition. When they ask us about it, we say that it depends on various factors and that we first have to get to grips with their company and their target groups in order to develop the right strategy and then select the right channels.

As LinkedIn experts, we know exactly how the platform works and what makes different target groups tick. LinkedIn offers a tremendous opportunity for you as a business or law firm because many competitors are not yet actively using this platform for their marketing. We show our customers how they can effectively use the advantage on LinkedIn to attract potential customers or employees.

But even outside of LinkedIn, we naturally know our way around the entire jungle of online marketing very well. We help our clients reach the right target audience on different channels like Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads. We have extensive experience in planning and implementing online marketing campaigns and can help our clients achieve their goals and make their businesses successful.

Why do we also rely on LinkedIn?


Why shouldn't you miss LinkedIn?

Linkedin is the world’s largest professional expert and executive network, with over 17 million users in the DACH region alone.

The growth of the platform is rapid. Here, not only your clients are looking for you – but also potential employees.


The competent LinkedIn appearance!

How digital and modern does your company or law firm look if a prospect can’t find you immediately on Linkedin? Today, your professional digital presence includes not only a website, but also a good and well-maintained LinkedIn profile. Communicate to the outside world what sets you and your company or law firm apart!


Find and retain employees on LinkedIn

You probably already have some members of your team on LinkedIn. Take advantage of the network effect, because each of your employees also has their own network. A harmonious external appearance also favors the employer image among applicants and customers or clients.


Build reach through content on LinkedIn

You can build your own community with strategic content marketing. Moreover : Through paid LinkedIn ads, you measurably communicate your messages to a selected audience outside your network, e.g. for a vacancy in the team or a new product of your company.

What topic is on your mind the most right now?

Where do we go from here?

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Digital getting to know

In the beginning, we like to invest the time in getting to know you together. After a short phone call to set up an appointment, we are happy to invite you to a joint digital espresso via video meeting.

Understand and analyze your marketing tasks and business model

In order for us to provide you with the best possible support, an understanding of your business context is an important prerequisite for cooperation.

Coordinate joint cooperation

Our many satisfied customers appreciate our methodical approach. Let's find out together how we can help you with LinkedIn marketing or sales too.

Our approach

Without North Star , you lack any guidance for your successful LinkedIn marketing.

That’s why the very first step we take with our customers is to find out what vision and overriding objective they are pursuing with their company. If we think of the objectives as landmarks, there are several ways to achieve them. The overarching objectives lay important foundations for the subsequent operational marketing laid. Selecting and adapting the most promising path to the long-term goal is our understanding of Strategy.

Together, we then put the strategy into action. Together with you as the decision maker and your management team, we plan the measures to achieve the corporate goal and break these measures down to the level of the Campaign planning down. Thus, each result can be compared with a target and serves as a basis for decisions on how to proceed.

We would be happy to help you achieve your goals with effective marketing.

for a free initial consultation.

Who is



We are Martin Winkel and Bernd Winkel, the owners and managing directors of Zebradoo Business Partner, an agency specialized in LinkedIn for the acquisition of employees and customers.

We love marketing and sales, even on LinkedIn.

That’s why we support tax consultants, auditors, entrepreneurs and managers like you in finding more customers, clients and qualified personnel for your company or law firm through clever online marketing strategies or targeted recruiting measures.

We achieve this with the special combination of our competencies and our methodical LinkedIn toolbox.

Our background as a certified technical business economist and engineer enables us to thoroughly understand your company and your products or services and to transform them into a convincing communication strategy. The result: a holistic marketing solution for your business model and specialization.

You also benefit from

  • of our field-tested LinkedIn experience and competencies of the respective industries,
  • our practice-oriented knowledge of marketing and sales psychology,
  • and from our strategic , as well as entrepreneurial actions.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Martin Winkel & Bernd Winkel

Why Zebradoo?

Because we ...

... LinkedIn marketing experts from the
Practice are.

Through us, you will not only receive sound marketing knowledge and practice-oriented expertise, but also results from direct implementation. Our extensive expertise and specialization on LinkedIn is based on our own successes on the platform, as well as the positive experiences of our client projects in various industries.
Therefore, with us you gain an experienced partner who supports you in the successful recruitment of employees and customers.

... not only paint colorful pictures.

We love to develop creative solutions for you, but first we do the necessary analytical homework. Starting from the company vision, we follow the approach of the overall entrepreneurial trade with focus on the business context and your strategic direction. We would be happy to assist you with your marketing goals in your role as a board member, shareholder, or law firm owner.

... Love online marketing.

Because marketing is our passion. What our customers appreciate about us is that we are down-to-earth and deal with them as equals. We like to sit in the driver's seat of our customers and invest the necessary time to understand your problems exactly. We are also interested in the people and the stories behind a company, because marketing is by people, for people.